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Recent Blog posts

From ontology to data model, with the #PowerDesigner Glossary

The Glossary is one of the key enterprise resources provided by SAP PowerDesigner – it helps you capture and manage the terminology to be used when naming your models and objects in your models.

What if you want to use your Glossary in a different way – as an ontology? What if you want to use the Glossary to generate content in your models?
That’s exactly what I was asked recently – the good news is that PowerDesigner is designed to be extended.…

I’m looking forward to my 2 hours talking to UKSUG about #PowerDesigner next week

Discover the history and key capabilities of SAP PowerDesigner (it’s more than just a data modelling tool), and how it can make life easier for you in Data Governance and Database Development.
This session will show you why you must not use Excel or Visio for data modelling, and find out just how easy it is to get started with PowerDesigner.
Also discover the hidden power of PowerDesigner’s unique customisation capabilities, such as automating the creation of audit tables.…

New topic added to online #PowerDesigner Excel Import course – Importing subtype hierarchies in Barker Notation.

Barker notation is available in the Conceptual and Logical Data Models, and it handles entity hierarchies differently from other notations – a sub-type entity is actually owned by the super-type entity, and they are depicted in diagrams as ‘boxes within boxes’. There are no Inheritance objects involved, so the Excel Import must be fed different information.…

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