Cottage Industry? I don’t think so!

How well documented is the data in your applications? Do they store and access common data in a common way, or do you keep re-inventing the wheel? Can they share data, such as customer addresses? Do you avoid unnecessary duplication of data in your databases, or even have too many databases?  Are you concerned about the quality of the data in your databases?  Want a third-party to help you design or review the design of databases?  Want to make sure your services can deal with each other?  Do you just need to discover your IT inventory?

If any of the above issues concern you, then we have a lot in common.

Successful metadata management and enterprise architecture is critical for business success; Business Process Management, Web 2.0 and Service-Oriented Architecture can only succeed where there is a common understanding of the meaning, availability and provenance of data. This requires co-operative ways of working, the sharing of information, reusing what works, and finding the best way of making shared information available.

Some still regard IT as a creative cottage industry, not corporate engineering. That needs to change, as IT automates itself.  IT has helped the business to automate for years; it’s time we took our own medicine.

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