Seeking PowerDesigner ‘gotchas’

I’m writing a Sybase PowerDesigner version of “Data Modeling Made Simple”; it keeps me off the streets, and I can work from home, so it’s great!

In the book, I aim to introduce all the PowerDesigner features relevant to the CDM, LDM and PDM, and describe some in detail.  As with any product, there are always some ‘gotchas’, little things that annoy the pants off you until someone shows you the (usually simple) answer.  Like ‘how do I include existing relationships on my ERD?’

Do you have any such ‘gotchas’ you’d like to share with me, please? All help will be gratefully acknowledged.

I’ll be at EDW in Chicago if you want to share thoughts over a beverage.

2 thoughts on “Seeking PowerDesigner ‘gotchas’

  1. Annie March 30, 2011 / 20:58

    POWER designer tool model doesn’t seem to have entity called attribute in the repository. The attribute object is an attribute of an entity and not a foreign key.

    Customer Id object metatadata in 10 entities is not propagated and you are unable to update it the metadata of customer id once but instead 10 times!

    Correct me if I ma wrong.

    P.S. good luck with your book.

    • George McGeachie March 31, 2011 / 10:30

      Thanks, Annie. In PD, attributes are sub-objects of the entity, so they can’t exist in their own right. Sounds like you could find the Domain concept useful; also have a look at the Conceptual Data Model, which supports Data Items, which do exist independently of entities.
      I’ll check out the FK migration issue for you. If you use the Conceptual Data Model, there are no FKs.

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