Useful filtering feature in PowerDesigner 15.3

A friend of mine responded to my request for PowerDesigner ‘gotchas’, saying that he was having problems with filtering.  PowerDesigner is able to present lists of objects in a model, usually either all the objects of a given type in a model or package, or all sub-objects owned by a given object.  For example, all the entities in a model, or all the attributes in an entity.  This example shows all the attributes in a data model.  I’ve used the filter button  to choose the properties displayed, and the order of columns.  I also used the sub-package selection button  to include entities defined in packages (in this model, all of the entities are owned by packages).  If I want to, I can use this button to apply or remove my filtering changes.

The output can be edited directly, exported to Excel, or printed.  The Excel export file could be edited outside of PowerDesigner, and then re-imported using the Excel Import extension.  Anyway, I must get back to my story.  I was looking through the help file, and came across a new feature, which some of you will have already spotted.  To the right of each column heading is a drop-down box, similar to ones you get in Excel when filtering data, and they work in a similar way.  They make life a bit easier and quicker.  For example, here I’ve filtered the list to include only attributes with name ending in ‘count’.

This feature only appeared in version 15.3, and I wish it had been around last year when I needed it!

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