PowerDesigner training now available via IRM UK

So you’ve bought Sybase PowerDesigner, and your experienced data modellers are flummoxed. Why did we buy this tool, they exclaim? It doesn’t work the way I think it should! They’re bound to be familiar with other data modelling tools, and they soon realise that PowerDesigner operates differently – it has its quirks, and they need to know how to make use of them. They’ll also need to know how to take advantage of the features that they may not have seen in other tools, such as the Dependency Matrix.

IRM UK can now provide a 2 or 3 day in-house PowerDesigner training course, which I’m very pleased to provide for them.

The course commences with a discussion of the different types of data model supported by PowerDesigner, followed by a detailed explanation of the PowerDesigner working environment.  Once you’ve got to grips with the environment and facilities, you’ll work through a detailed case study, creating a chain of data models from Conceptual to Logical to Physical, applying normalisation and de-normalisation techniques where appropriate. In the case study. you’ll see how PowerDesigner Projects enable you to visualise and manage your chain of models.

In addition, you’ll see features added in version 16 and 16.1 – the Glossary and Reference models, and the improved Web Portal.

Visit the IRM UK web site to find out more.

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