PowerDesigner SIG at #EDW12

If you’re attending EDW in Atlanta, and you’re interested in PowerDesigner, please read on.
I’ve asked Wilshire if we can hold a PowerDesigner Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting at EDW this year, during the SIG slot on Tuesday morning (so we don’t clash with the ERwin SIG).
Assuming we get the go-ahead, we need to decide how best to occupy ourselves for 50 minutes. I think the SIG should be an opportunity for people to share with each other, and to communicate with Sybase. So, what would you want to include? Please feel free to contact me, or comment on this blog entry.

* Is there a PD 16 feature you want to know more about, or a detailed demo you’d like to see?
* Do you want Sybase to talk about their roadmap for the future, and about the impact of the SAP merger?
* Perhaps you would just like the opportunity to swap war stories or share experiences?

3 thoughts on “PowerDesigner SIG at #EDW12

  1. Viswa Peesapati March 20, 2012 / 19:18

    George – Good afternoon.
    I am very glad to have a session for PD in this EDW meeting. I am wondering if it is possible to discuss in brief how to maintain several branch versions (to accommodate multiple projects) and merge them into the trunk when the project moved to production. I am also wondering if we can discuss how to accommodate multiple databases/users, so when the script is generated it will be generated with appropriate schema name prefix.

    Thank you,

    • George McGeachie March 21, 2012 / 16:18

      OK, I’ve added these two topics to the list on the Linked In group. If you’re not a member yet, please join. It’s called “Sybase PowerDesigner Users”.

    • George McGeachie April 17, 2012 / 13:50

      If it’s OK with you, I suggest we include the first topic in the agenda, along with other ‘repository’ issues.

      The second topic is simple – in a PDM you can define multiple users. Assign users to tables etc as ‘Owner’ (a List Report is good for this – you can edit multiple rows at the same time), and generated scripts will automatically use them.

      See you at EDW.

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