Do we really have Employee master data? #MDM #MasterDataFail #MasterDataSlaves

Sometimes when I’m providing a service to a client, I need to connect to their domain so they set me up as an internal user. This can give me some interesting insights into the way they operate, and it’s amazing how little has changed since the distant time when I was a salaried employee. For example, I recently supported a user department within a very large UK company, and the team moved from office A to office B. We all received an email advising us to update our current location in our email signatures, and also in the following systems:

  • Human Resources (two separate systems)
  • IT’s ordering system
  • the Intranet Directory

What on earth is going on at this company? How much time is wasted by employees carrying out manual Master Data Management? How much variation is there in the location data? Why are the Employees expected to act as Master Data Slaves?

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