#DataLineage – interested in integrating #PowerDesigner with #Solidatus?

PowerDesigner provides comprehensive support for data lineage via the mapping editor and the Data Modement model, but I’m sure SAP will agree that it isn’t the most intuitive data lineage solution on the market. There are several companies I know of that provide comprehensive visualisation and interrogating of data lineage, with the ability to link the metadata they extract from your applications and databases with metadata held in modelling tools.

Solidatus is one such company, here in the UK. They describe their offering as “an intuitive, simple to use web based application that gives you the ability to rapidly map and visualise your organisation’s data landscape — otherwise referred to as data lineage.”

Does your organisation use PowerDesigner for modelling, with or without data lineage? Are you also a customer of Solidatus, or perhaps you’re evaluating the tool? I’m looking for a forward-thinking organisation to work with, to build an integration between PowerDesigner and Solidatus. If you’re interested, please drop me a line using the Contact page (see the Top menu bar).


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