“Making It Real” – Establishing the Interdependence of Data Governance and Your Data Models #mdmdg

“Data governance is at the heart of all data management activities and is heavily reliant on effective data modelling. This is a two-way interdependency. Neither can work effectively without the other.”

In May 2018, Chris Bradley (@inforacer) and I will be running a full-day seminar on this topic at “Data Governance Conference Europe” in London. If you want to find out more, click on this link – https://irmuk.co.uk/events/data-governance-conference-europe – and we’ll see you there.

In the workshop, we describe real-world data governance processes, based upon years of experience with major clients, and the accompanying data modelling practices and additional information required to manage change effectively, including data lineage. Then it will be time for you to put those processes to the test, pushing proposed changes through the data governance pipeline, in which you are a key participant. Will our apparently perfect processes and data modelling practices hold up?


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