Looking for recommendations for an online #training #platform #Dataversity #Udemy

I want to convert my existing software training courses into online training, which is straightforward enough (though it will take some time, as I’m picky about the quality of what I deliver). There are some obvious platforms I could use:

  • Dataversity – well-known to many of us in Information Management for their conferences and webinars, and they host online training as well
  • Udemy – hosts a multitude of training courses on a multitude of topics. They have a lot of very useful guidance for building courses

If anyone can recommend another platform, I’d be grateful. Here’s what I’d like it to do for me:

  • handle payments for me
  • support a subscription model
    • allowing someone access to all my training (or specified courses) for a period, perhaps a month, a year, or longer
  • allow customers to download resources, such as the model output from a session
  • quizzes
  • certification paths – e.g. do courses 1 to 4 and get a certificate
  • bundling multiple courses for a discount
  • support a mixture of technologies
    • PowerPoint
    • Videos

There’s probably some more, but that’ll do for now.

2 thoughts on “Looking for recommendations for an online #training #platform #Dataversity #Udemy

  1. Nicola Askham July 9, 2019 / 13:26

    Hi George, I did a lot of research into options a few years ago and based on the offerings available then I went with Thinkific and have stuck with them since. They support everything you mentiion above.
    Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing your courses available online!

  2. George McGeachie July 9, 2019 / 13:38

    Thanks, Nicola. That looks pretty good from my first look just now 🙂

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