Watch this space for news of the ER/Studio conversion service for the FIB-DM Model #FIBO

The free version of the Financial Industry Business Data Model has been downloaded many times – it’s managed using the SAP PowerDesigner modelling tool, and users of other data modelling tools need to import the PowerDesigner Logical Data Model that is supplied. There are two concerns here:

  • it’ s a very big model with some deep super/subtype hierarchies
  • even if your tool can import a PowerDesigner model, the chances are that the import doesn’t work perfectly

If your tool of choice is Idera ER/Studio Data Architect, you may be able to use the built-in metadata import feature to import the PowerDesigner model, but I know (because I’ve tried it) that you won’t be happy with the result, so I’m building a new service to help you make the transition a happy one! In addition I’ll be providing some useful features for ER/Studio, similar to those in The CDM LDM Productivity model extension.

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