Working smarter with #PowerDesigner – changing the property displayed in the centre of a Conceptual Relationship in PowerDesigner Web

One of my clients has been experimenting with their first Conceptual Data Model in PowerDesigner. They created the model using the PowerDesigner client software, and checked it in to the repository.

The PowerDesigner Web allows anyone with the right privileges to view your models using a web browser – here’s part of a Conceptual Data Model, shown in PowerDesigner Web:

You can see that I’ve selected one of the Relationships (called “Supplier >- provide -< Ingredient”) – the Relationship name is visible on the diagram, along with the two role names (“provide” and “be available from”).

My client was curious, because the same relationship, when displayed in the PowerDesigner client, did not show the Relationship name, only the role names. He wondered why that was so, and what he could do about it.

If you have the same question, or you are just as curious, please watch this video.

By the way, the diagrams shown here are based on those in Steve Hoberman’s latest book, The Rosedata Stone.

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