Generating a macro to update an ER/Studio model from a #PowerDesigner model

I’m working on my process to convert the FIB-DM model from SAP PowerDesigner to Idera ER/Studio Data Architect. I’d like to improve on the standard import. so I considered exporting metadata from PowerDesigner into one or more Excel workbooks, then writing ER/Studio macros to read the Excel workbook and update the ER/Studio model. Then it occurred to me – there’s an easier way.

Using the Generation Template Language in PowerDesigner, I can generate the ER/Studio macro with all the metadata embedded (like using Mail merge in Microsoft Word to create a document containing content from Excel). I have to use two different programming languages, but I’d have to do that anyway. This way, I know the macro has the right content, I don’t need to make sure I’m importing from the right Excel file.

Here’s a sample of the output – it’s a mixture of boilerplate text and metadata, all controlled by logic based on the model contents.

Here’s the top-level GTL Template that creates this. The boilerplate text is in black and the metadata selection is in blue:

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