I’ve cancelled my paper.li newsletter due to the preponderance of unexpected content

I’ve had a newsletter covering the top three data modelling tools (ER/Studio, Erwin and PowerDesigner) for a few years. I have a pre-defined set of sources that should (in theory) restrict the content that gets included, to make sure the content is all relevant. That does not work the way it should – every week I have to check the content to see what has slipped through, so I can decide whether or not to remove it (even though it may appear as a headline in the email notifications).

Take today’s newsletter for example – only one out of five entries is from one of my defined sources, and I know of other qualifying content that should have been included (some it from my own website). The first four items are all shared from Twitter, and none of those tweets mention the keywords I’ve specified.

Today i went into the settings and told it to check for new content – the content was refreshed, and now it all comes from just one of my defined sources.

It’s time to ditch this newsletter and try a different approach. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed in the past.

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