George McGeachie

George McGeachie is the Principal Consultant at Metadata Matters. George is co-author of “Data Modeling Made Simple Using PowerDesigner” with Steve Hoberman, and author of several articles on TDAN.com. he is an established conference presenter – if you attend one of his presentations, you’ll see just how much importance he places on the use of modelling and metadata management tools, and connect their islands of metadata. George has experience in a multitude of tools, in a variety of disciplines.
Successfully managing information and metadata is critical to business success – George believes strongly in cooperative ways of working, the sharing of information, reusing what works, and finding the best way of making shared information available.

Information Management is George’s main focus, with many forays into related areas, including a variety of internal methods initiatives – examining Information Engineering (Ernst and Young’s Navigator), Component Based Development (using RUP), and business analysis using use cases (joint project with Brunel University). He has become expert in a variety of modelling tools and repositories, for enterprise modelling (including data and process) and understanding, and integrating such practices in systems development processes.

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Ortecha is unique: an independent consultancy dedicated to helping companies manage their data. Ortecha offers proven expertise in design and implementation of innovative enterprise data management services and solutions, adapted for your needs. Ortecha partners with Metadata Matters to provide consulting services and innovative data modelling solutions to our clients.


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