Here are the slides from my 2-hour #PowerDesigner presentation to the UK SAP Database & Technology User Group (UKSUG) today

This was an opportunity I could not miss – a 2-hour presentation on modelling to an audience of database experts!
Starting with a brief look at using Visio and/or Excel for data modelling and governance, I talked about the extras we can gain by using PowerDesigner to design databases.
Of course, it’s not ‘just’ databases we’re concerned with, the relationships those databases have with our business and technical architecture is also important.
The next key topic is the role of Data Models and others (such as the Requirements model) in Governance and Design.
Next it’s mapping data sources and targets to demonstrate and create data lineage, showing how PowerDesigner supports multiple DBMS Versions (and what you can do to change how it does that), creating a CUBE for Business Objects, finally (almost) focusing on the support provided for SAP IQ.
Finally, I described some real-world uses of PowerDesigner.

#JSON, Data Modelling and electric cars – what a mix #DMZone

It was a very early session, so I really appreciate the turnout for this niche subject, in the biggest room I’ve ever presented in.

The ‘big room’ at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart

The venue was the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuggart, Germany, which is an amazing place to be. Strolling around during the breaks was a different experience this year; I saw my next car there (I wish!)

Back to the serious stuff – my slides are available on Slideshare now –

I’m really looking forward to Data Modelling Zone in Stuttgart this week #dmzone

Data Modelling Zone is unique among conferences in the topics it focuses on, which is great for me!

I’m really looking forward to meeting my colleagues from across the channel and elsewhere in the world from Tuesday evening to Friday in Stuttgart. It’s the one event of the year where I can guarantee to meet a lot of PowerDesigner users ๐Ÿ˜‰.

I’m even looking forward to my 07:30 speaking sesson on Friday ๐Ÿ˜Š

Catching up on the backlog of papers – I’ve added my 2010 EDW presentation on generating XML Schemas from models

Looking at the amount of material I prepared for this 2010 presentation, I do wonder how I possibly thought I could do it justice in just one hour, including two live product demonstrations ๏Š

When I first came across XML Schemas, I was struck by their simplicity and versatility. When I saw how some people use them, I realised that the days of unmanaged COBOL copybooks had returned to haunt me.

This was my attempt to exorcise the XML demon. For this relaunch on my blog Iโ€™ve added back the hidden slides, and added a few notes โ€“ itโ€™s still essentially the 2010 presentation, so itโ€™s likely that some of my comments on tool capabilities are out of date.

Click here to view –ย Papers