#JSON, Data Modelling and electric cars – what a mix #DMZone

It was a very early session, so I really appreciate the turnout for this niche subject, in the biggest room I’ve ever presented in.

The ‘big room’ at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart

The venue was the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuggart, Germany, which is an amazing place to be. Strolling around during the breaks was a different experience this year; I saw my next car there (I wish!)

Back to the serious stuff – my slides are available on Slideshare now – https://www.slideshare.net/metadatajunkie/data-modelling-zone-2019-data-modelling-and-json.

I’m really looking forward to Data Modelling Zone in Stuttgart this week #dmzone

Data Modelling Zone is unique among conferences in the topics it focuses on, which is great for me!

I’m really looking forward to meeting my colleagues from across the channel and elsewhere in the world from Tuesday evening to Friday in Stuttgart. It’s the one event of the year where I can guarantee to meet a lot of PowerDesigner users 😉.

I’m even looking forward to my 07:30 speaking sesson on Friday 😊

What makes #PowerDesigner different? Find out at my #DMZone session in Dusseldorf next week

Next week at Data Modelling Zone in Dusseldorf, I’ll be demonstrating my favourite features of SAP PowerDesigner. These range from simple usability to advanced tinkering, none of them are rocket science. Most of them are not available in other competing tools.

Challenge me with a feature of your favourite data modelling tool that you just can’t live without, and I’ll show you how to handle it in PowerDesigner.

Here’s the list of features I intend to demonstrate:

  • What if you draw that relationship in the wrong direction, or between the wrong entities? You don’t need to delete it, just edit it
  • Tidy up that diagram – have more than one symbol on the diagram for that busy entity
  • When you connect two objects together, the link is visible from both ends (even if they’re from two different models, or different types of models)
  • Multiple editing windows – individual objects and lists of objects, from multiple models
  • Copy and paste from a list of Objects straight into Excel, complete with headers
  • Import anything from Excel without writing any code
  • Link anything to anything if you have a need to, using Traceability Links
  • Add new properties, and new types of object, and links between them
    – how about adding Data Stewards, and linking them to the entities they’re responsible for?
  • Dependency matrices – show (and edit) links between objects
  • Create a model within a model – useful for Subject Area models
  • How about generating that LDM as JSON structures for your fancy governance tool to ingest?
  • Tailor how PowerDesigner generates DDL, and even invent your own DBMS and funky new DDL syntax
  • When you generate one model from another (e.g. generating a PDM from a LDM) you can change what happens using model transformations – such as the model transformation that makes sure your PDM tables all have the correct audit columns
  • Who needs Visio? Use a ‘Free Model’ to invent your own type of model


#PowerDesigner SIG to be held at Data Modelling Zone in Hanover in September #DMZ13

Following on from our successful PowerDesigner meeting in London this week, we’re please to announce another, at Steve Hoberman’s Data Modelling Zone conference in Hanover, Germany, in September. It’s so new, it’s not on the agenda yet – see http://www.datamodelingzone.com/ProgramEurope.aspx.

Please contact me if there are any PowerDesigner topics you want to hear or speak about.