Every software application has different categories of users, from those who hardly know the tool at all, to experts who can help them out. Here are several useful community resources.

Idera ER/Studio Data Modeling Tools–architecture/f
‘My PowerDesigner’ group in Slack
To join this group, see the Contact page.
PowerDesigner users in LinkedIn

The PowerDesigner Chinwags

Every Wednesday, from 14:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT

In these days of lockdown and working from home, the feeling of isolation from your peers can be considerable. Well, you’re not alone – join George McGeachie for regular PowerDesigner chinwag sessions. (see below for a definition of ‘chinwag’)

The PowerDesigner chinwag sessions are your opportunity to discuss any topic related to SAP PowerDesigner. Join us for 10 minutes or stay for the full hour.

Informal PowerDesigner presentations

From time to time the regular chinwag session will be replaced with an informal presentation – go to to see the schedule.

SAP PowerDesigner Community

Live feed of discussions –


noun – a long and pleasant conversation between friends:

“We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine”

(Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus ¬© Cambridge University Press)