Informal PowerDesigner presentations

From time to time the regular chinwag session will be replaced with an informal presentation on an interesting topic.

The power of Database Definition files in PowerDesigner – 26th of October, 2020

One of the biggest strengths of SAP PowerDesigner is the ability to configure and extend the modelling environment, allowing you to adapt the tool to suit the way you want to work, instead of adapting the way you work to the limitations of the tool. For example, PowerDesigner allows you to configure and extend the support provided for a DBMS, by modifying the ‘Database Definition File’.

In this session Ondřej Diviš from MIBCON DIMA s.r.o. will describe some scenarios where the ability to configure and extend DBMS support can help you significantly.

He will show you how to modify:

  • the algorithms responsible for reverse engineering a database into a PowerDesigner PDM
  • templates for generating DDL script from a PDM

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Ondřej Diviš

For 14 years I`ve been focused on CASE tool PowerDesigner and how it could be deployed to our customers in order to support their processes in most effective way. My job is kind of my hobby too (besides my family, motorbike and badminton) and I like to explore all the possible (and some impossible too) ways of extending and customizing PowerDesigner. What have I found so far? That PowerDesigner can help you significantly with so many tasks/processes around DBs (and processes, applications, development, architecture,…) that it is hard to imagine it, when you say it is just “another CASE tool”. And that is what I like to reveal to our customers too.

An informal introduction to PowerDesigner Web – 30th of September, 2020

PowerDesigner Web has been around for some time now, exposing the content of the PowerDesigner repository to a wider audience and giving users the ability to create and edit some types of model. With the introduction of PowerDesigner 16.7, the types of model that can be created and edited has grown, and has started to get George interested.

In this session, George  will take you through the background to PD Web and show you some of the interesting features he’s found, focusing mainly on the things you can do in PD Web that you can’t do in the PowerDesigner client application:

  • Reverse-engineering JSON documents and Schemas
  • Productivity aids when editing Conceptual and Physical Data Models
  • Structured data types in the Conceptual Data Model
  • Exporting a diagram to PowerPoint as symbols that can be individually edited
  • A new diagram in the Requirements Model
  • and more

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