SAP PowerDesigner Solutions

SAP PowerDesigner is a great data modelling tool with features that differentiate it from the rest of the market, increasing the productivity of data modellers. The ability to customise and extend the tool’s capabilities is a key feature – what really makes this unique is the ability to make your customisations blend in with the standard interface.

You can add new properties to objects, add new links between objects, provide new functionality on contextual menus, and automate common tasks. The majority of these customisations are created using ‘model extensions’, which can be deployed via the PowerDesigner Repository and automatically attached to new Models – updates to an extension will automatically be made available to every model that it’s attached to.

Over the years, Metadata Matters has created a number of model extensions for clients and for internal use. The first internal extension has been converted into a fully-documented product, and is now available. The CDM LDM Productivity model extension from Metadata Matters improves the productivity of data modellers still further, helping them to visualise, manage and validate their models, concentrating on making modelling decisions, and spending less time on routine tasks.

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