SAP PowerDesigner Capability Support

SAP PowerDesigner is a powerful and flexible modelling tool; the scope and flexibility of the tool enables organisations to tailor the tool to fit their modelling methodology, instead of limiting their methodology to what the tool can handle.

To take full advantage of the capabilities of PowerDesigner, an organisation needs capable people, and it takes time to develop that capability in-house. In the meantime, the organisation will need to plug their PowerDesigner Capability Gap – this is where Metadata Matters can help.

There are essentially two services offered

Working on behalf of the Client

There’s never enough time to do everything you need to do. Let Metadata Matters help you to take the strain, to reduce the workload on your own over-pressed staff.

Configuring PowerDesigner

The capabilities of PowerDesigner can be configured using several different types of resource files and templates, and by external programs. Metadata Matters has the knowledge and experience required to create and manage these resources and programs effectively.

For example, common tasks can be automated to improve consistency and productivity – see the existing model extension “CDM LDM Productivity” for an example.

Metadata Matters has previously created model extensions to:

  • ensure tables have the required audit columns
  • collapse a hierarchy of relationships to simplify a model before generating a new model from it
  • export model information in JSON format
  • import Data Lineage from Excel
  • build custom model validation checks
  • and more
Configuring Database Support

One of the key strengths of SAP PowerDesigner for anyone using the tool to manage their databases is the ability to customise and extend the way that each DBMS is supported. It is simple to change the naming standard for constraints, or to change the syntax used when forward- or reverse- engineering database schemas. If your DBMS vendor introduces new features you do not have to wait for SAP to support them, and then upgrade the tool – you can configure support for the new features yourself.

Importing Model Content

Models do not have to be manually created from scratch by the user. There are several different ways to create a model from existing information (such as Excel spreadsheets). Let Metadata Matters take the strain out of the model import process for you.

Converting Models

Converting legacy models from your old modelling tools into PowerDesigner models may be a trivial exercise (such as importing a simple Erwin model) or a complex, lengthy operation. Unless you’re a very small organisation, the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

The best approach may be to use a Metadata bridge. Some modelling tools are supplied with an OEM version of the Meta Integration export bridges – this capability will be as old as the modelling tool, and inflexible. Using a more flexible Toolbus interface may be a better option. Metadata Matters can facilitate a model conversion service with Toolbus on behalf of the Client.

No matter which conversion route you follow, there are likely to be some actions needed to make sure you make the best use of the features offered by PowerDesigner. Those actions will cover these areas, and more

  • Model extensions
  • Methodology & Governance support
  • Fix Common problems
  • Diagrams
  • Applying Naming Standards
  • Data Lineage
  • Reports
  • Post-conversion for PDM
  • Add useful extras
  • Documentation
  • Create Model template(s) based on converted models
  • Model bundling

Supporting modellers by creating, reviewing, or improving models and/or the PowerDesigner Glossary.

Helping the Client to do the right thing themselves

To some new users PowerDesigner may seem complicated, especially if they have become used to the way that another tool works.

This is where the ad-hoc mentoring and knowledge-sharing service can really help, allowing individuals or groups of users to discuss their concerns with an expert.

In addition, advice and assistance can be given on administering PowerDesigner.

The Capability Support service can be provided remotely or on-site.

A more detailed list of services is available on request. Go to the Contact page to get in touch.