Building and Using the PowerDesigner Conceptual Data Model

You know how to work with Logical and Physical Data Models in SAP PowerDesigner, and now you need to work with Conceptual Data Models as well. This course will teach you how best to utilise the features that make the Conceptual Data Model stand out from the others – additional notations, Data Items, and additional model generation options.

Merise CDM     CDM - Barker

Delivery Options

A single focused one-day session   – or –   a series of online sessions


* Knowledgeable about the role, purpose and construction of data models— this course is not intended to teach data modelling skills

* Students will supply their own PowerDesigner licence – a link can be provided for the evaluation version

* Knowledge of the use of PowerDesigner, equivalent to the content of the “Fundamentals” and “Building the Pyramid” training courses provided by Metadata Matters Limited

Suggested Follow-up

Excel Import workshop, Building the Data Model Pyramid, Take Control of your Database Schemas