Model Management with the PowerDesigner Repository

This one-day course is designed to teach model management techniques as they apply to PowerDesigner Repository.  This class is essential for both modellers and administrators to understand the fundamental concepts of enterprise model management utilising the PowerDesigner Repository. After completing this, class users will be able to work effectively within the PowerDesigner Repository environment, understand the version control process, understand the Library and create a business glossary and taxonomy. The class covers understanding and working with the PowerDesigner Repository, understanding the workflow and business glossary.

The course does not include setting up, configuring, or administering the repository. The course is based on best practices from the perspective of the repository end user.

Delivery Options

A single focused one-day session   – or –   a series of online sessions


* Students will supply their own PowerDesigner licence – a link can be provided for the evaluation version

Suggested Follow-up

PowerDesigner for Advanced Users