PowerDesigner Fundamentals for Data Architects

Are you an experienced data architect, new to SAP PowerDesigner?

Have you used SAP PowerDesigner in the past, and need bringing up to date?

Are you currently using SAP PowerDesigner, but never had any training?

Are you evaluating modelling tools, and need to know more about SAP PowerDesigner?

– then –

This course is for you!

The course will teach you how to set up and use the PowerDesigner environment, how to create and manage objects and sub-objects, how to use the editing tools effectively, how to prettify and organise diagrams, and how to generate and manage models. The “Fundamentals” course is designed to provide the essential knowledge required for data architects, covering a lot of material in a short time. In the time available, it can only introduce the user to PowerDesigner – there is insufficient time to cover topics in depth, or to carry out a detailed case study; the “Building the Data Model Pyramid” course uses a detailed case study to reinforce the Fundamental techniques, as well as introducing several more techniques.

The knowledge supplied by this course is a prerequisite for the more advanced training courses offered by Metadata Matters Limited.

The following diagram illustrates the work that students will complete during the course:

Fundamentals outline

Delivery Options

A single focused one-day session   – or –   a series of online sessions


* All students will be knowledgeable about the role, purpose and construction of data models— this course is not intended to teach data modelling skills

* Students will supply their own PowerDesigner licence – a link can be provided for the evaluation version

Suggested Follow-up

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