Online Computer-based PowerDesigner training

Metadata Matters has been offering instructor-led training courses for SAP PowerDesigner for many years now. Having the instructor present in person makes a training course much more flexible and interactive, though it is not cost-effective for all PowerDesigner users, especially for individuals or small organisations. Now there is an affordable approach, which also allows us to present detailed technical courses that have a small audience, without the cost of transporting a presenter to another city or country.

The first online PowerDesigner Training course is available from Metadata Matters. The course is called Using the Excel Import Wizard.

If you would like to see a preview of the content, a cut-down version of the course is available for FREE – follow the instructions on the course information page.

Paying for Online Training

Invoices will be raised in one of the following four currencies:

£ Sterling, $ Canada, $ Australia, € Euro, $ US

Payments can be made in other currencies – the amount charged will depend on the Sterling exchange rate at the time of invoicing.

There are several ways to pay for training:

Book your place now by emailing

Please provide the following information for each person:

  • First name
  • Family name / Surname
  • Email Address
  • Country (optional)
  • Time Zone (optional)
  • Preferred language (optional) – the default language for the training platform is English; you can choose another language if you wish to (this does not affect the training material)

Please also supply the following payment information:

  • The currency you want to use for payment
  • Who to send the invoice to

Other courses currently being prepared:

  • Comparing and Merging Models
  • Essential PowerDesigner Knowledge

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