Using the Excel Import Wizard

PowerDesigner’s built-in ability to import metadata from Excel files is unmatched  by other mainstream data modelling tools. No scripting skills are required — the Excel import is aware of the underlying metamodel for the model you’re creating or updating, and suggests likely targets for your content (based on the Excel sheet and column names).

Course Topics

Completing this course will enable you to:

  1. Create and update models from Excel files
  2. Structure your Excel files correctly for the Excel Import Wizard
  3. Link imported objects to objects within other models; for example, linking LDM attributes to Domains defined in a different LDM.
  4. Improve the performance for importing very large Excel files
  5. Create multiple Excel Imports into a model from the same file, with different import rules
  6. Export information from a PowerDesigner model and re-import it after revisions
  7. Ensure that the Excel Import does not make unwanted changes to your model
  8. Create a complete Logical Data Model, merely by importing an Excel file
  9. Know when the Excel Import is not appropriate for your needs, and what the alternatives are

Watch the Excel Import  Wizard create and draw a complete data model.

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