How to add #Erwin Extended Notes to a #PowerDesigner model

Recently I was looking at the list of new features in Erwin Data Modeler 2020, and one feature caught my eye – Extended Notes.

I knew that I could add a very similar feature to any object in PowerDesigner in less than 10 minutes, with absolutely no programming.

Here’s a simple Logical Data Model – the Entity “Contact Type” has four Extended Notes (one of those has its own Extended Note)

Here’s one of those notes. The properties are all standard, except for Status , Author, and Importance, which I defined in a Model Extension.

These Extended Notes can be compared and merged using the standard PowerDesigner Merge / Compare utility, and I can include them in Reports, List Reports, and Dependency Matrices

Want to see how it’s done? Watch this video.

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ERwin r8.2 – see what’s new on Feb 1st

CA have announced two new products, along with ERwin r8.2:

  • CA ERwin® Web Portal: Visualize Information from the Web
  • CA ERwin® Data Modeler for Microsoft® SQL Azure™: Managing Data – both On-Premise and in the Cloud
  • CA ERwin® Data Modeler r8.2: Collaboration Facilitated

You can find out more at their webcast on February 1st from 1:00 to 12:00 EST – click this link to register.