Here are the slides from my 2-hour #PowerDesigner presentation to the UK SAP Database & Technology User Group (UKSUG) today

This was an opportunity I could not miss – a 2-hour presentation on modelling to an audience of database experts!
Starting with a brief look at using Visio and/or Excel for data modelling and governance, I talked about the extras we can gain by using PowerDesigner to design databases.
Of course, it’s not ‘just’ databases we’re concerned with, the relationships those databases have with our business and technical architecture is also important.
The next key topic is the role of Data Models and others (such as the Requirements model) in Governance and Design.
Next it’s mapping data sources and targets to demonstrate and create data lineage, showing how PowerDesigner supports multiple DBMS Versions (and what you can do to change how it does that), creating a CUBE for Business Objects, finally (almost) focusing on the support provided for SAP IQ.
Finally, I described some real-world uses of PowerDesigner.

Interested in attending a #PowerDesigner session hosted by the UK Sybase User Group (UKSUG)?

There is no real PD community in the UK (perhaps in Europe?), which I think is a real shame. We all need to share our experiences with and knowledge of the tool, and have our chance to talk to SAP’s own experts face-to-face. I’ve hosted a couple of these sessions at conferences in the US, and we never run out of things to talk about. 🙂

The UK Sybase User Group (UKSUG) are considering hosting a Special Interest Group for PD, probably in London. If we can, I’d like to get Matt Creason (from SAP) to demonstrate the new features of PD16.5 to us. I’d like to see the new Business Objects integration and the XML modelling improvements – what would you like to see?

If you’re interested in attending such a session, please email myself and Sandra Devaney at UKSUG;:
George McGeachie – George.mcgeachie(at)
Sandra Devaney – Sandra(at)

Please let us know
* if you have any preferences for timing or location
* which PD topics you want SAP to talk about
* which PD topics you would like to discuss with the rest of us