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Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner

Papers available on this site

Many practitioners of data modelling use a pyramid to illustrate the different types of model that can be produced, and I make no apologies for doing the same.  

Presentations and Published Papers

Here is a selection of presentations and papers. There are more available on BrightTalk and on YouTube.

My favourite features in SAP PowerDesigner

This is my presentation from Data Modelling Zone in Dusseldorf in 2018 – showing my favourite PowerDesigner features, none of which are available in any of the major competitors 😊

Death By Spreadsheet

We’ve all heard of “Death by PowerPoint,” referring to those occasions when the burping, animated clip art gets in the way of the message. There is another phrase some of us are also familiar with – “death by spreadsheet.”

Generating XML Schemas from a canonical model

When I first came across XML Schemas, I was struck by their simplicity and versatility. When I saw how some people used them, I realised that the days of unmanaged COBOL copybooks had returned to haunt me. This was my attempt to exorcise the XML demon.

SAP PowerDesigner for Data Architects – a short demo in 4 parts

The CDM LDM Productivity model extension

This is a live demonstration of the key features of a PowerDesigner model extension that improves productivity for users of the Conceptual and Logical Data Models. Some of the features are applicable to any PowerDesigner Model.